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The Basics

The air in your home is circulated by the blower. It pulls the air through the returns and across the evaporator coils which cool or heat the air and then send it through the supply ducts back into the house.

The evaporator coils are heated or cooled by circulating freon (a chemical refrigerant) through refridgeration lines. The freon travels to an outdoor unit know as a condenser, containing a compressor and condenser coils, where heat exchange takes place. Freon then travels back to the evaporator coils to cool the air, and the cycle continues. The thermostat setting determines wheather the coils are heated or cooled. In a furnace system, the coils are typically used for cooling only. When the heat is on, the heat exchanger heats the air and the colis are left unchanged. A heat pump system may also have electric heat strips to suppliment the heat pump.

HVAC Diagram by Goodman®

Types of Central Air Conditioning Systems

Click here to see a diagram and learn more. There are two main types of systems; split or package.


Click here to learn more. A furnace heats your home by pulling cool indoor air into the furnace, heating it and then redistributing
the warmed air back into the rooms through ductwork. These units can be used in conjunction with heat
pumps or central air conditioners.

Heat Pumps

Click here to learn more. The heat pump works based on heat transfer. To cool, it transfers heat from the inside air to the outside,
thereby cooling the home. For heat, it does the opposite.
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